Registration Services

Registration Services

Partnership Firm

Most popular and esy to setup of a small industries , less formalities more functionality. Better option for SME and Pvt. Ltd.

One Person Company

Any One can start his company if completing all basic norms and start his company and start a journey in corporate world.

Private Limited Company

Equal or more than two person can start business with a Private Limited company with share holding power and voting power.

Limited Liability Partnership

A partnership where all partner having limited Libility It therefore exhibits elements of partnerships and corporations.

Public Limited company

Limited company is the ideal choice of business entity for middle and large sized businesses that raise equity capital from public.

EPF and ESI Registration

When any business getting 20,or more than 20 employee earning less thane 15000/- per month are compulsory for registration.


Newly concept of taxation for goods and service , released in 2016 . its compulsory for all excluding exceptional case.

Trade Mark

Trademark registrations are help to protect your brand name and establish ownership for your entity with more securities of your desiens.


FSSAI is compulsory for all business entities involved in Transportation, Manufacturing, distribution and storage of food product.

MSME registration

Primary registration for all Micro Small and medium sized enterprises for taking advantage and incentive under MSMED Act.

Shop / Establishment Registration

One of the important basic registration for any shop or establishment who having labour work and startup of new establishment.

Society / Club/ Trust/NPO/ NGO Registration

Registration of your Non-Profit Organization or Trust or Club for public and social work with your own fund or funding from govt. sources.

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